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Best Mountain Bike for Tall Riders

It can be very frustrating for tall people to shop around for a bicycle but couldn’t find one that fits their requirements. Most bike manufacturers stick to the bell curve and typically max out at XL frame sizes. When it comes to bike options, tall people like you cannot buy bikes “off the rack.” 

Fortunately, this past decade, your online options have dramatically improved. But even if you have more options to choose from, there are also other factors that you must consider. This article can be your guide to get the best mountain bike for tall riders. 

What to look out for when getting the best mountain bike for tall riders

Because of your height, it might be a challenge to find the perfect mountain bike in bike shops. When you go online to find the bike of your dreams, consider the following factors to help you make the best selection:

Bike Frame and Height

Before you start worrying about other features of a mountain bike, whether they would match your height, you must make sure first that the bike frame is the right size. Take some measurements before making a final decision to purchase.

Manufacturers take a lot of considerations when they make bicycles in particular sizes. This is the reason why they create charts that match certain heights to a specific bike size. Before purchasing a bike, determine your height then try to search for a bike chart – there are many online. This helps you identify the mountain bike that’s compatible with you in terms of height.

Crank Length

Even if you can find a proportionally-sized bike frame, this might not hold true for the crank length. Bikes – regardless of their size – have nearly identical crank-lengths and that is around 175mm. As a tall cyclist, you won’t mind this. You can still pedal around but if you’re looking for performance, you might need proportional cranks too.

To help you understand the importance of crank length, consider this analogy. For a tall basketball player, he wouldn’t have to bend his knees so much when jumping. Likewise, cranks must allow your knees and hips to move through a range of motion that’s similar no matter what your stature is.

The main issue with a longer crank is that it might require a slightly different geometry for the frame and this includes a higher brace at the bottom to prevent clipping the pedal on the ground. Today, there are bikes designed specifically around cranks that are 200mm in length.

Handlebar, Stem, and Inseam

Bikes that have handlebars that are too low might pose a problem for tall riders as you might struggle to control their bikes. This problem can lead to stress on your back and shoulders and this, of course, isn’t healthy. You can remedy this by using an angled stem and spacers if you can’t find a bicycle with the right stem length and handlebar height.

In biking, the inseam refers to the distance between the top of your thigh and your ankle. The measurement of this determines the length of your legs. 

As a tall person, you shouldn’t purchase a mountain bike that’s either too low or too high for your legs. If you do, you might suffer from cramping in your thighs each time you go cycling. Always take your inseam measurement into consideration.

Wheels and Frame Material

There are several reasons why the scale of the wheel should be in proportion with the frame, the most obvious of which is that it gives a smoother ride to people with a greater mass. It is most likely that taller people weigh heavier than those with an average height. 

Thus, you should give special attention to stiffness and frame strength. Titanium and steel frames have an advantage over those made of aluminum because they won’t wear down as long as the stress remains under a particular limit.

Top 5 mountain bikes for tall riders

#1. Raleigh Bicycles Tokul 1

The Raleigh Tokul 1 mountain bike will be an excellent choice for you and others who are 6’4″ and over. It comes from Raleigh – a name in bikes that has been around for more than 100 years, thus, making the company the authority on the subject of bikes. Although this is a lightweight bike, it’s also a tough one, especially in terms of rocky climbs, jumps, and trail drops. 

Yet it can be as easy and smooth to handle. This playful bike has a sturdy aluminum frame that is significantly sleeker and longer than its predecessor. All of these features add up to a bike that can hold its own and can let you open the throttle during weekend trails.


  • Tires come mounted on wide rims giving you more confidence while riding. 
  • Made with unique and durable SRAM NX 1×11 drivetrain components.
  • The bike has hydraulic disc brakes for smoother modulation when rounding corners.


  • The seat material isn’t very impressive.

#2. Diamondback Bicycles Release 3 Mountain Bike

The Diamondback Bicycles Release 3 is a full-suspension model that performs well for riding on trails. The lightweight frame made of aluminum makes going up hills much easier and descending them at incredible speeds infinitely more exciting. The frame is also perfectly built for attaching a camera mount if needed.

One of the best things about buying this bike is that it’s delivered almost completely assembled. As for the price, it’s significantly cheaper than other high-end performance bicycles while still offering almost every feature that more expensive bikes offer. The Diamondback is truly an overall winner for mountain bike enthusiasts, especially for tall riders.


  • The Southpaw remote and dropper post improve your maneuverability while going downhill. 
  • It comes with powerful hydraulic disc brakes for your safety. 
  • The combination of the drivetrain and cinch cranks offers crisp and confident shifting. 


  • Some bikers reported issues about the crankset but it has been taken care of.

#3. Huffy Hardtail Mountain Bike

The frame of the Huffy Hardtail Mountain Bike will make each of your trips, either on undulating or straight surfaces, exhilarating by converting pedal power into amazing acceleration. Its ATB saddle as a quick alloy release and a mechanism for height adjustment that’s easy to work with.

This bike was specifically designed with a handlebar that is slightly raised to relieve strain on your shoulders and back. As such, it enables you to ride in an upright position. The bike’s front suspension makes riding much smoother as it absorbs the bumps you will encounter on uneven tracks. 

Together with the knobby tires and the detachable Derailleur Guard, you’re guaranteed a quality machine that can tackle declines, inclines, and straights effortlessly.


  • The linear pull-hand brakes provide you with reliable stopping action consistently. 
  • Knobby tires allow you to ride even on dirt paths with ease. 
  • The handlebar is slightly elevated to allow upright riding to minimize shoulder and back strain. 


  • Some minor issues reported for the parts that come loose. 

#4. Schwinn Traxion Mountain Bike

With the Schwinn Traxion Mountain Bike, you can rip through trails or zoom downhills. This is a full-suspension bike that’s just waiting for a cyclist to take it out for a ride. The bike features a dual-suspension frame made of aluminum with a sturdy suspension fork and dependable mechanical brakes. The bike handles smoothly and stopping is always efficient and crisp.

Every trail now becomes your new playground with the bike’s trigger shifters, rear Derailleur, and the alloy crank. Bumps and thumps get absorbed by the frame and fork to give you powerful riding experience. 

With this bike, durability is still highlighted and this is highly due to the high-profile alloy rims with dual walls and the thick, knobby tires designed to take the hardest beating.


  • The mechanical disc brakes are both crisp and efficient. 
  • The knobby mountain tires allow you to ride this bike even on bumpy terrain. 
  • The alloy cranks are highly durable so you don’t have to worry about maintenance. 


  • Some have reported issues with the alignment of the forks. 

#5. Max4out 26-inch Mountain Bike

The Max4out 26-inch Mountain Bike has a folding frame designed for easy portability and storage. It has 21-Speed shifters, a rear Derailleur, and a dual-suspension system to reduce impact for smooth riding experience. The 21-speeds can handle hilly terrains and changing gears is both smooth and awesome. 

The pull brakes are of alloy and they provide precision in terms of stopping power. The wheels have alloy rims to provide you with lightweight strength on all terrains. These are much safer and provide more speed. The wide and knobby tires that sit on light but tough alloy wheels provide added stability. This bike is perfect for different environments.


  • It has a solid, sturdy frame made of high-carbon steel. 
  • It’s fitted with a quick-release clamp that allows you to fold the bike easily and quickly.
  • It comes with a comfortable seat and free paddles. 


  • The fenders are a little thin. 

Why do you need a mountain bike for tall riders?

Manufacturers today have started catering to bikers like you who are extraordinarily tall. There are certain factors to consider to make your riding experience more comfortable. For one, you have to make adjustments on the bike like the crank, the handlebars, the stem, and other components. 

Your comfort and riding position are the most common factors that revolve around the frame size of the bicycle. The first thing that comes to mind is to get the right saddle height. Ideally, the best position would allow a slight bend on your knees when your legs are extended fully at the bottom of the pedal stroke. 

A saddle that is too low will find you struggling to get all of the power out of your legs. Conversely, a saddle that is too high will cause your hips to rock from side to side while pedaling. Both situations aren’t efficient and worse, might cause injuries.

The importance of comfort isn’t absolute but it can be particularly important depending on the cycling discipline you’re interested in. But comfort will still play a large role in how much you enjoy the experience of riding.

What may happen if you choose the wrong bike size?

Bike fit isn’t, as the saying goes, exactly a rocket science. This means that it doesn’t need expensive equipment nor a group of experts to do it. If you need some advice before buying a bike, you can always consult with an expert but that isn’t necessary. 

This makes more sense if you already are a competitive cyclist as you would know that with a new bike, performance matters. Of course, it’s better to select a bike with the correct size so that you won’t experience any issues in the future.

With a frame that’s too small, you can make adjustments to accommodate your height. You can elevate the seat post, move the saddle, lengthen the stem, and so on. Keep in mind that when you ride a bike that has been poorly adjusted, you’re at risk of getting injured. 

For instance, a saddle that is too high might cause hyperextension of your knee, pain in the back of your knee, and even saddle sores caused by “rocking” on your bike’s saddle. On the other hand, a saddle that is too low can cause knee hyperflexion and pain in your kneecap area. Both these situations aren’t ideal as they will make you lose your overall efficiency.

The bottom line

It may take a lot of effort to find the best mountain bike for a tall person such as yourself. For one, these “oversized” bikes are rarely found in bicycle shops. As a tall person who’s interested in cycling, you need to do your research. Even if you find a large bike, you still have to narrow down your options to the best bike that will suit your requirements.

Study your options carefully to ensure that everything – from the rims to the frame – will accommodate your height. The right frame enables you to handle rough terrain and at the same time, give you peace of mind.

Best Single Speed Crankset

As a cyclist, you should know that when switching to a single speed crankset, you can avoid a lot of mechanical issues. You shouldn’t skimp on this bike component for the main reason that it is your bike’s drivetrain.

A single speed crankset is a crucial component because it’s responsible for converting reciprocating motion into rotational motion, thus, allowing you to move your bike ahead. The crankset helps the single-speed belt or chain push the wheel at the rear.

When properly set up, your bike can accelerate quickly from a standstill position to 20mph in only a couple of pedal strokes. To guide you on choosing the best single crankset for your needs, this article offers you a buying guide along with a list of the best products on the market now. 

What to Look Out for When Getting the Best Single Speed Crankset

With the many brands of single speed cranksets available in the market, it won’t be that difficult to find an affordable and trustworthy one. But there are certain features you should look out for to ensure that you get the best one for your preferences and needs. Here are some factors for you to consider when choosing this bike part:


There are a few choices when it comes to crank types. The type you choose depends on your bike and the features you need in a single speed crankset. 

  • Square Taper

Design wise, the square taper is the most functional crank and it’s technically simple too. This is the most used type as almost all fixes have a cartridge bottom and a square taper crankset. This type if very popular because it’s easy to install and maintain.

  • Integrated

If you prefer a more sophisticated look, you can go for this type. Another reason why you may choose this type over the square taper is to decrease weight. Integrated single speed cranksets are lighter, more durable, and cooler. These are sturdier because they have bigger external bearings. 

  • Track 

Not all types of single speed cranksets work with all types of bikes. For instance, this type is primarily designed for track bikes and they offer superb speed and performance.

Tooth Count

Different cranksets can have different chaining tooth counts. Tooth count is the number of tiny teeth that the chain will hook-up on. This feature is a very important factor. Adding more teeth makes your bike more difficult to pedal while going uphill but it will go significantly faster on straight roads.

If you frequently ride on hilly terrains and steep inclines, it’s better for you to choose a smaller chainring with a low tooth count. For increased speed and flat areas, a higher tooth count performs better. The most common ratio is about 16 – 17 teeth on the rear cog and 42 – 44 teeth on the chainring in front. 

Arm Length

As with the tooth count, there are also different cranks for different arm lengths. There are two main reasons why crank arm length matters. First, is your speed and the second reason has something to do with knee pain. A longer arm enables you to go faster while paddling with less effort. Although this makes gearing easier, you have to watch your pedal stroke.

With a shorter crank arm. you can ride at a faster cadence while reducing the risk of developing pedal stroke. On the downside, you reduce your power compared to longer arms. Shorter crank arms are also recommended if you experience knee pain. The length of the crank arm is one of the main culprits for recurring knee pain. The wrong length generally causes this.


When buying a single speed crankset, choose one with a reputable brand name so you don’t get disappointed. Today, there are so many manufacturers of bicycle parts, the majority of which are in Taiwan and China. There is nothing wrong with that as most bike parts come from those countries anyway. 

The problem is that unknown brands typically cut corners on specifications – from using cheap quality materials, inconsistent or finished products or shoddy alignments. All of these factors add up to a likely scenario where the bike part you purchase ends up failing you.

Top 5 Single Speed Cranksets

#1. Retrospec Single-Speed Crankset

The Restrospec Single Speed Crankset is one of the best fixed gear cranksets and it comes in different colors. It’s perfect if you’re looking to build a fixie as you can save money without having to compromise anything. This is also the best crankset if you intend to upgrade the drivetrain of your road bike.

Any way you look at the Restrospec Single Speed Crankset, it’s an excellent choice since it combines steel chaining with a light crankset made of aluminum alloy. This combination makes the chainring more durable.

The crankset consists of parts pieces and it comes in three sizes – 46T, 48T, and 44T. This is a great feature as it gives you a wide range of options, thus, allowing you to select the best size to suit your riding style. The crank arm is 170mm in length making it suitable for most types of riders.


  • Features an all-new design for the crank arm that’s much stronger. 
  • Lightweight and burly for superior reliability and strength.
  • Comes in a wide range of colors (black, blue, chrome, lime green, orange, red, white, and yellow).


  • Some issues because of the painted threads. 

#2. CYSKY Single Speed Crankset

The CYSKY Single Speed Crankset is one of the most popular models among cyclists because of its superior quality. The manufacturer’s primary purpose for their product is to offer strength and durability. This product comes with everything that you need to ensure excellent output. Investing in this model might be your best decision for the year!

This crankset enables you to ride efficiently on any kind of road. Your bike will travel smoothly requiring only a minimum effort. The crankset alone can decrease the maintenance costs of your bike.

The CYSKY Single Speed Crankset is of aluminum alloy 7075-T6 making it denser but still lightweight enough to perform at its best. Aside from Single Speed bikes, you can also use this crankset for Fixed-Gear Bikes, Track Road Bikes, and more. It even comes with a cutting surface made of anodized CNC.


  • Suitable for different types of bikes.
  • Offers ultimate durability and strength because of the aluminum alloy material.
  • It’s sleek, stylish, and offers superior performance.


  • A couple of users have complained about the given measurements.

#3. SRAM S300 Courier Crankset

For a very reasonable price, the SRAM S300 Courier Crankset can be yours for the taking. Aside from offering high durability and superb performance, the crankset has a sleek presentation. It comes in a visually-appealing package. The threads of this crankset come greased but that’s the only one – which is an advantage.

Unlike some of the cranksets out there, you won’t find excess grease on any of its components. Moreover, it includes washers that fit the crankarms so you won’t have to dirty your arms when installing pedals. After installation, you can cycle for miles without worrying about visible wear on your bike’s crank. You won’t feel flex either. This shows how sturdy the crankset is.

Most of the SRAM S300 Courier Crankset’s parts are of plastic, except for the cups on the outside which are of aluminum. The bottom bracket and pedal threads don’t have rough edges. The spindles of this single speed crankset are also made of high-quality materials. It has a laser etching that is very clean and that stays on the face of the crank arms even after you use it for a long time. 


  • It’s well-engineered, balanced, and smooth.
  • It’s lightweight and made of durable material to ensure a long life. 
  • Includes a bottom bracket. 


  • Not suitable if you plan to change your bike’s chainring. 

#4. SHIMANO Altus M311 Single Speed Crankset

With the Shimano FC-M311 Bicycle Crankset, you will elevate your bike’s performance. It’s a highly functional product that has great compatibility with chaincase for maximum convenience. Additionally, the crankset also has compatibility with 7/8 speed. It requires a 123-mm bottom bracket, which you have to purchase separately.

The Shimano FC-M311 Bicycle Crankset is perfect for you if you’re looking for superior performance and ultimate convenience. The integrated design of the chainguard promotes convenience while enhancing the crankset’s overall performance. It’s even made of light yet high-quality materials so that it doesn’t add more weight to your bike. 


  • Features a chainguard integrated design for added convenience. 
  • Made with a lightweight construction so it won’t add to your bike’s weight. 
  • Comes in two colors (black and standard) to match the rest of your bike.


  • Chainrings may warp after a particular time of use. 

#5. Pro-Lite Single Speed Crankset

The Pro-Lite Single Speed Crankset comes with the drive side and both of the crank arms. The design of the crankset makes it compatible with the square-taper brackets at the bottom. This crankset has 53 teeth. The bottom bracket is not part of the package, although you can order this from the manufacturer’s website.

You need a 68-mm width for your single speed bike. As for the spindle length, that depends on what type of frame you use. The Pro-Lite Single Speed Crankset comes with a protective cover that fits for a single speed bike, a Fixie, a track road bicycle or a Dahon. This crankset weighs around 669g without the BB.


  • The crankarm measures 170 mm with a 130 mm diameter bolt circle. 
  • A strong and reliable crankset that has good compatibility with different bikes. 
  • Made of a special aluminum allow that’s lightweight and durable. 


  • You need to install it carefully so you don’t bend it. 

What is a single speed crankset?

The crankset is a crucial component of a bike’s drivetrain. This component is responsible for converting reciprocating motion from your leg into a rotational motion. As such, it helps drive the belt or chain, which, in turn, drives the bike’s rear wheels. Unlike the older models, modern crankset products are more advanced and they come with additional features. 

If you’re looking for a single speed crankset, opt for the modern models. The modern ones have bottom brackets to ensure maximum performance. Most are lightweight which means they do not add weight to your bicycle.

There are a wide variety of single speed cranksets on the market today for every type – square taper, integrated, and track. For you to choose the right crankset, it’s important for you to know what you want for your bike. 

For instance, you can upgrade a square single speed crankset to an integrated single speed crankset. In such a case, you need to choose wisely by considering the important factors and carefully going through the specifications of different products.

The benefits of using a single-speed crankset

Shifting to a single speed crankset helps you avoid a number of mechanical issues with your bike. But this isn’t the only benefit of this essential component. Consider these other benefits that a single speed crankset has to offer:

  • You won’t have to worry about shifters or derailleurs with a single speed crankset. Therefore, you can focus more on what matters most – riding your bike. This makes cycling a fun and simple experience – one that you can’t get with other types of cranksets.
  • You won’t have to deal with frequent mechanical problems because single speed cranksets have fewer parts that move.
  • They are much more affordable and lightweight.
  • They have very low maintenance costs.

With all of these benefits, it’s no surprise that most cyclists, especially those who live in cities with flat roads prefer single speed bikes.


The market today offers many brands of single speed cranksets. As a bike owner, you have to choose one carefully. Hopefully, this article helped you make a decision to buy the best single speed crankset based on the important factors. Then you can choose any of the products featured above. 

The cranksets here were thoroughly compared and assessed. As such, choosing any of them would be a great buy. Moreover, the produces listed here come in varying sizes and colors giving you the option to customize your bike without much effort.