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Why Electric Skateboards are Cooler than you Might Think

When new versions of existing products turn up there is always a certain amount of ‘traditionalists’ who will look down their noses. This is true in some cases with electric skateboards as the traditional skater community did not all embrace these new boards when they first arrived.

However, many forms of electric transport are now becoming popular and with concerns about the environment, it is not surprising. If you are a keen cyclist then at times you will have gone through urban areas and had some first-hand experience of the effects of roadside pollution.

Electric skateboards are one new form of e-transport that is really growing and even traditional skaters are starting to embrace the benefits of these boards.

Keep reading to see just why electric skateboards are far cooler than might first appear. 

They are fast, go far, and they are eco-friendly

A skater might say that this subheading described a perfectly normal skateboard and they would be right. However, when it is used to refer to an electric skateboard it has a slightly different meaning.

If you purchase the right model then your board could go 25 miles on a single charge, and that charge could cost just a few cents. Research has shown that some boards fully charge for as little as 5 cents. That makes them extremely eco-friendly.

They are also fast. A top board can go up to 25 miles per hour. While skateboards can travel distances fast, they are more likely to hit speeds on flat surfaces at around 8 – 12 mph.

If you need some more proof that electric skateboards are cool then you can look online at providers such as eRideHero who have good comparison lists and reviews of these new e-skateboards or just carry on reading.

How are electric skateboards used?

Electric skateboards can be used to carve, and are a good mixture of surfboard and skateboard, with some snowboard thrown in for good measure.

They can be used in the skatepark like a regular board but they differ when it comes to stunts. While skaters say that you can’t do stunts on e-skateboards they are still able to do plenty of tricks. The problem lies in the weight of the board because of the motor. However, that motor lets e-skateboards go somewhere that other boards can’t, uphill!

E-skateboards give an extra level of freedom compared to typical long and shortboards by allowing the skater to go uphill and even pass cyclists…occasionally. 

E-skateboards are suitable for almost everyone

Another reason these boards are cool is that anyone can use them. There are models for kids as well as teenagers. There is no reason why middle-aged people can’t start to embrace skating with an e-skateboard either.

Just as you can get quality mountain bikes for tall riders, electric skateboards come in different sizes and strengths to cope with taller and bigger skaters.

They are also perfect for beginners. These skateboards are controlled with a wireless hand-held remote which negates the need to learn how to brake and push on. These controllers also offer displays to let you understand your riding mode and how much battery life is left.

They need little in the way of maintenance

When you have a mountain bike there is always a degree of maintenance and this is to be expected when you consider the terrain they can cover. You may have to fix gears, brakes, and make adjustments when you wonder why your bike is hard to pedal? But, electric skateboards need minimal care.

Wipe dust and dirt off after riding to keep any particles from getting into the electronics. Maintain and lubricate bearings, and change wheels as necessary. That’s it.. 

They can be used for multiple purposes

Electric skateboards can be used for commuting to work, cruising, sports, tricks, and zipping about town when running errands and catching up with friends.

With long battery life and a steady speed, they can make short work of the journey to work, and they can happily cruise around your neighborhood regardless if there are hills or inclines involved.

They are also good for physical activity. It would be easy to assume that they don’t require any muscle work from the skater but they still need leg and core strength. Riding these boards will improve balance and build muscle strength in these areas. 


So, to sum up. Electric skateboards are eco-friendly, suitable for almost everyone, they can go at least twice the speed of a regular shortboard, cost only cents to charge, require minimal maintenance, and can help you build strength and improve balance.

If that wasn’t enough to convince you then you should see all the celebrities that are embracing electric skateboards, self-balancing boards, and other forms of e-transport. Just try to keep within the law on your e-skateboard and stay out of trouble, unlike some celebrities.

What Is the Best Road Bike for Daily Commute?

Given the explanation of your cycling patterns, I feel you'd be satisfied with a lightweight bike that is truly reliable and, above all, convenient. There is no worse thing than getting late to work and then suddenly running into problems with your ride because of a flat tire.

It appears like you're a fairly rough rider, and I imagine you'd be more comfortable using a lightweight bike and medium-range quality parts.

When you begin shopping for the best daily commuter bike, you will probably consider the frame first. You aim to buy an alloy frame made from chrome and molybdenum. The alloy is strong and the manufacturers go for super slim tubes and arc forging to create a super-light frame.

This would be vital since the parts can inevitably tear off and break, but the excellent framework will endure longer and can still be changed or modified with accessories to accommodate various purposes and fit your preferences.

If the routes you're riding are very rough, you may suggest a reinforcement on your frame, but they might be quite costly and heavier. If you've got a bumpy road, you can do several tricks to further dampen the bumps.

The standard size of the wheels of an adult bike is 26 inches. The standard size is designed to hold a width of 18-38cm. The advantage of narrower tires is that they occupy a smaller surface on the road, meaning they will exert less resistance on the road.

Thinner tires have disadvantages, too. They wear out quickly and because their grip is small, it is easy to slip and fall as compared to knobby tires. The better solution is to use a 28cm wider tire and many companies manufacture the wider tire like Continental Gator-Skin.

The wider tire experiences fewer punctures because it is made of Kevlar. The wider tire is also better in terms of comfort while riding on rough terrains.

Much can be said concerning the components but we cannot summarize everything right away. They bear much of the price of the bicycle, including the initial cost and over the lifespan of the bicycle's maintenance and improvement cost.

Search for trusted, excellently known producers such as Shimano, SRAM or Campagnolo. The three produce a wide variety of braking and derailleurs ideal across all price ranges.

One difference is notable, though, with the Gran Dame Campagnolo because it is quite pricey but unparalleled in terms of consistency and brand reputation privileges. If your journey does have several climbs, aim for a broad range of gears and, if not, remain within a tighter range to lessen its ability to cause you trouble controlling your bike so that you travel effortlessly. 

Seamless gear shifting is the unique thing you're going to love every time you sit on your bike to commute.

Be sure to question the salesmen and let the questions be many concerning the credibility of the producer (just about all frames are manufactured in China). Ask questions like what is the durability and performance standard is that specific product design?

Aim for more and tell them something like, demonstrate to me the likes of the product competitors. Grab each bike and feel their weight to find out if you'll be happy having to carry the load along once you get a puncture in the storm and you're searching for a dry spot to repair it.

Do a ride test for each bike you choose and see if it does make you smile. Eventually, you will discover an absolutely adorable bike that is within your budget and the kind that you had pictured in your mind. Nevertheless, you must be prepared to invest some more in a quality bike.

Schwinn Volare 1400 700C Road Bike for Men, Women, 14 Speed, 28 Inch Wheels, Two Sizes, Colors

Things to Look for When Choosing the Right Exercise Bike

An exercise bike is one of the most efficient ways to become fit at the comfort of your home. It is used for exercise as it makes cardiovascular training more enjoyable and helps you work out effectively as it puts your body in motion.

 Research reveals that training with an exercise bike is one of the most effective cardiovascular health workouts with reduced physical risk.

 To enjoy all these benefits and more, you need to invest in a high-quality exercise bike.

 However, it can be challenging to choose the right exercise bike as they come in different designs, features, and brands.

 So, it’s important to learn how to buy a good exercise bike. The following are the top three things to look for when choosing the right exercise bike:


There are three different types of exercise bikes. Some of the most common include recumbent, upright, and indoor cycling. While these bikes typically perform the same function, they vary greatly.

Depending on your fitness goals, one type can be better than the other as each form has its benefits and drawbacks.

Upright Exercise Bike

This is a bike where the rider sits in an upright and raised position. It’s the most popular type.

Upright exercise bikes come with handlebars that are higher than those of an indoor cycling bike. They offer a comfortable riding position as your body isn’t hunched as you ride.

The best thing about upright bikes is that they are well-suited for a comfortable workout, making them great for beginners.

If you want an exercise bike to train for outdoor cycling, upright bikes are a better option as they allow for a vigorous workout.

Recumbent Exercise Bikes

Such a bike features a larger seat that has a backrest. They offer a relaxed body position as the pedals are in front of the rider.

These bikes are great for you if you have lower back pain as they reduce stress for the lower back.

If you are looking for a bike that will strengthen your legs effectively, you can invest in a recumbent exercise bike.

Indoor Cycling Bikes

Indoor cycling bikes are usually designed with an open flywheel that has a heavy on its perimeter. They let you ride in an upright position, which provides a great cycling experience.

These bikes come with a lower handlebar to ensure vigorous workouts. Hence, they are great for athletic training and essential cardiovascular training.

If you want an exercise bike that delivers the most dynamic training, you should invest in an indoor cycling bike.


Different bikes come with various resistance systems, so it can be difficult to know what to choose.

Generally, there are three types of resistance systems to choose from. They include manual magnetic, motorized, and electromagnetic resistance systems.

A manual magnetic resistance system is easy to use, well-suited for beginners, and also cheap. However, it has a few speeds, and you can only use it for a limited number of hours.

The motorized magnetic resistance system features various resistance levels, and it comes with training programs accessible with Bluetooth or WIFI connection. It’s heavy-duty but more expensive than the manual magnetic resistance system.

Electromagnetic resistance system, also known as cycle ergometer, is more silent and precise as resistance is provided by an electromagnet through a console.

It has more resistance levels and makes a durable bike that allows you to work out for up to 12 hours a week. However, it’s more expensive compared to other resistance systems.

Essential Features

It’s crucial to decide what extra features you need as different exercise bikes come with varied features.

Some of the essential features include a water holder, programming, display with interactive video games, and a heart-rate monitor.

 These features are important to have in an exercise bike, depending on your needs and preferences.

 Warranty is also another important thing you should look for in an exercise bike. You don’t want to buy a bike that doesn’t have coverage on major moving parts.

 A warranty of at least two or three indicates that a bike is of high-quality and durable. It will save you from regular repair costs.

 While it can be quite hectic to choose the right exercise bike, knowing what to look for helps you narrow down your choices.

 If you want to invest in an excellent exercise bike, consider the things explained in this text to get the best out of your money.

How to Travel With Your Mountain Bike

Riding your mountain bike at home is always enjoyable, but you cannot compare it to riding in faraway lands. There is something more intriguing and magical while riding on new trails.

You can either use public means of transport or your own means. If it is the latter, the ease of loading your bike on your truck is one of the benefits of a pickup truck

What if you decide to use public means? The feeling when surrendering your bike to the airport officials and hope that you will get it back at your destination in the right condition and all parts is the worst.

 If you are new to traveling with mountain bikes, we have got you covered with tips to make everything easy and straightforward.

Pack Wisely

It’s essential to prepare well with the essential tools before you set out for the trip. With mountain bikes, anything can happen. Even a simple puncture is enough to ruin your riding experience and the entire trip.

Due to the flight weight limits, you may not be able to travel with a toolbox. However, a few essential tools like the spanner, puncture kit, multi-tool, and hand pump should be in your backpack.

Protect Your Bike Against Mishandling

The last thing you want is your bike going through the hands of careless baggage handlers. However, since you don’t get to choose who will handle your bike, the best you can do is pack it carefully.

You can consider a few options, like using the bike case, cardboard box, or a bag.

Once you settle on one of the above ways, do the following for added safety;

  • Remove the foot pedals, the handlebars stem, and unbolt the hanger and rear mech. 
  • Put a bubble wrap around them. 
  • Depending on the size of your box or bag, you can remove the wheels too. 
  • Cover much of the frame with bubble wrap and zip all the other parts except the wheel to it.

A good quality bag or cardboard will ensure maximum safety for your lovely mountain bike.

Insurance is Key

While on the far, foreign land, an emergency can happen, and it’s good to be prepared for it.

You can fall sick, or your bike can break. Therefore, travel insurance cover is of great importance.

Most insurance companies will only cover your health, but some can even cover your luggage.

Beware of Economic Tickets

When presented with too cheap tickets, you have to think twice. Some tickets may be cheap but be very expensive when carrying luggage.

 Confirm with the airline on the luggage terms and payments before you rush for cheap tickets.

 It is much better than arriving at the airport to find out that no extra luggage is allowed. You will be inconvenienced and start everything on the wrong foot.

Carry Your Helmet Separately as Hand Luggage

For most airlines, you are allowed to carry your helmet bag on hand instead of including it with other luggage.

If you carry it in another bag rather than the helmet bag, you may be told to remove it at the gate. Opening your bag wide open for a check before people is more frustrating and embarrassing.

It will be worse if you are late and you placed the helmet at the bottom of the bag under your clothes and other essentials.

To avoid all these inconveniences, it will help if you inquired from the airline whether they accept one to carry helmets into the airplane.

Weigh Your Bike Before Going to the Airport

Many people almost forget this small but yet essential detail. Weighing your bike package before you get to the airport will not cost you much time and energy.

However, failing to do so can cost you a lot of time, inconvenience you, frustrate you, and seriously affect your budget.

Every airline has rules regarding the amount of luggage that you can carry. Baggage exceeding this limit is never going to make your life easy.

 If you will use a partner airline on the return flight, check their terms to avoid much stress and hassles.

 Carrying your bike to your travel destinations is probably the most exciting idea. There are a few challenges that you may expect as you move about with your bike.

 With proper preparation and the above skills, you will find the whole experience very enjoyable and easy to navigate through.

Bike Trailers vs Touring Panniers – When to Choose What

When you are preparing for a long bicycle trip or a bicycle tour, among the most important choices you will have to keep in mind is how your gear is getting strapped onto your bike.

Your choice of luggage will determine the amount of gear your bike can hold, how it handles, and what kind of terrain it is able to ride on.

This article will compare touring panniers and bike trailers and show you some advantages to using both so you can choose the best option for the right situations and your riding style.

Bike Trailers

  • Maneuverability and Handling

A trailer will make the weight of your gear not half as heavy on your bike. This will allow your bike to be much more nimble and quick, despite the large size. Because of this, bike trailers are great on off-road treks.

Bike trailers make it simple to get through difficult terrain without your gear’s weight weighing on your bike too much. Getting around tighter turns is much easier using these to haul your gear.

  • Hauling Bulky Items

If you are lugging around supplies like a kayak, hiking pack, surfboard, firewood, or a large tent, a bike trailer can help you do this with ease. Plus, if you need extra water or food, putting it on the bike trailer will not make the ride that much harder as the bike trailer is made for this purpose.

  • Less Wear on Your Bike

The bike trailer will handle the weight of your gear rather than the bike itself, and this will lessen the chance of your bike not being able to keep up for long.

Your tires and frame will not have to take too much of a beating and you will also not likely have to deal with broken spokes or bent rims. If you are worried about the longevity of your bike, it is a great idea to use a trailer.

Touring Panniers

  • Good for Organization

Panniers will have four bags that you can separate gear into so you can designate certain bags for certain categories of gear easily. Perhaps you could keep all your clothes in one bag, all the cooking gear and food in the second, and so on.

If you are bringing along electronics, touring panniers are a great idea so you can keep them separate from anything that might be wet or could easily damage them. 

  • Easy to Use

Panniers are not hard to assemble and use at all. Their rack bolts to your bike’s frame, and the panniers only need to be clipped on with the clips they come with to be fastened to the bike properly.

There aren’t any mechanical parts that you could worry about having to repair along the trip if something goes wrong. It is easy to replace any clips that get broken, and the worst thing that could happen is your bike rack snapping, which is pretty unlikely.

  • Lightweight

For the most part, a tour pannier will weigh less than most trailers. Panniers just do not have as many moving parts as trailers do and are lighter due to their simple design.

If you are worried about your gear being too heavy for the ride, you can shave off some weight by using a pannier. They can even come in ultralight designs for even less weight on your ride.

If You’re Hauling Pets

Many people will want to take their pet along with them on their rides, but it can get a little tedious when they get tired or veer off course and you have to stop to get them back on track.

You can use a bike trailer to haul along pets more easily. For dogs, a trailer can allow them to run along with you until they get too tired. They can then simply hop onto the trailer to catch their breath without having to stop the whole operation.

Even if you have a pet that is older or not so into exercise, they can just become part of your haul on the right trailer. Just be sure you keep any food or valuables secure so they don’t dig into anything they shouldn’t!


If you plan a long trip on your bike, it is important to get the right method to haul your gear down and ready to go.

For those that use bike trailers, they boast about being able to haul bulky items without too much wear on their bikes and are able to maneuver more off-road landscapes as well.

On the other hand, touring panniers users will tell you they are lighter than lugging around a whole bike trailer and are much better for keeping your supplies organized.

No matter which you choose, hopefully, this guide has given you some valuable information to think about when planning out your next big cycling expedition! 

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