The Bendigo area boasts a large trail network and the Bendigo Mountain Bike Club is currently working closely with land managers (Parks Victoria, City of Greater Bendigo and DEPI) to rationalise existing trails and to develop a coordinated and sustainable trails network. The first Green circle graded trail is being developed at the end of Wattle Drive, Spring Gully (approx 5min drive from the Bendigo CBD). Find out more about the Green Circle trail.

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Spring Gully Trail Network

Green Circle Trail

The first Green Circle graded trail has been built in Spring Gully due to the clubs monthly working bees. The trail has been extended to form a return loop.

From the car park, ride 500m to the junction and turn right and look for a signed post approx 50m on the left.  Or turn left and follow the fire road to the top of the damn, continue on the left hand side of the water. Which ever direction you choose to take the trail head is marked by a sign post. At top of the hill (water tower) stay close to the car park side of the bush and you will find the entry point and sign post leading to the second half of the green circle loop.

A strategic plan and master plan is being written to guide the development of the trails network in a coordinated, logical and sustainable manner.

Find out more about the Spring Gully Trail network .